Someone Discovered Donald Trumps Old Blog And What It Says About Him Is Extraordinary

1. On Gay Marriage

Trump nowstronglyopposes the Supreme Court’s decision allowing same sex marriage.

2. On Corporate Corruption

Unclear if this opinion has changed but Donald has never shied away from sketchy arm twisting to get what he wanted.

3. On Gender Equality In The Workplace

The first post is by someone who worked for Trump. The second is by Trump himself.

He’s remained relatively consistent on this one. In his book “Crippled America” he says the following about putting a “33-year-old” womanin charge of building Trump Tower in 1983:

4. The Housing Bubble

The doom and gloom was justified and the bubble popped two years later but not before Trump founded his own mortgage business in 2006 which had to be shut down the next year. So, it at least looks like he didn’t see it coming.

5. On Competition In Education

He’s been consistent on this issue. If anything, he’s even more pro-competition and charter school nowthan in 2005.

6. On Rebuilding New Orleans After Katrina

It’s hard to tell whether Trump was only for rebuilding New Orleans because he wanted to make money off it or because he felt it was the right thing to do. His most recent statements and actions suggest it was more the former. Trump declined to spend anythingon charity to help the city at the time but he’s not big on charity in general.

7. Oil Profiteering

He’s evolved on this issue, going so far as to say that we should just “take the oil” presumably from Iraq although it’s totally unclear what this actually means. This is basically what every anti-war person in the U.S. feared the Bush administration would do in Iraq but which it didn’t do.

8. Outsourcing Of Jobs From The U.S.

This has been a lynchpin of Trump’s presidential campaign and while his stance on it is 2005 appears to be that it’s “sometimes good” his current stance is that it’s horrible. Consider this quote, also from “Crippled America.”

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