Bisexual Teen Has Unbelievable Response To Homophobic Aunt’s Texts

A bisexual teenager who took on her own family after her auntie used a homophobic slur against her has gone viral after sharing their heated (and hilarious) exchange on Twitter.

It all started with 18-year-old Charlie’s aunt Marie calling her bisexual niece a “f*ggot”.

Which prompted Charlie to ridicule her aunt’s homophobic comments on her Twitter.

But then Marie attempted to apologize for her anti-gay comment, saying “I just mean you gay people have a lot of drama” and digging herself an even deeper hole.

“You teenagers make stuff up all the time. You’re young and you will find a man,” said Marie, adding “don’t come to Indie’s birthday I do not want you ruining the day.” Charming.

And while Charlie’s Twitter rant gained more and more attention…;

…;it was her response to Marie’s text that totally blew up, getting tens of thousands of retweets and favorites.

“I can’t make Indie’s birthday I’m afraid, I have a huge lesbian orgy that day,” replied Charlie, “By the way, how’s your divorce going?”

Charlie was pretty amazed to see her Twitter account explode overnight.

And people from all walks of life standing up to support Charlie (and give Marie a fair bit of abuse, too).

Charlie said of the exchange, “My intention wasn’t to be nasty or start a fight. I wanted to know she couldn’t speak to me like that.”

“I posted my response to the text because I wanted people to see that I stood up for myself.”

“I hope that this gives people courage to stand up for themselves no matter who they have to stand up to.”

Charlie, you won the Internet for today.


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