21 Really Funny Pictures That Prove Dogs Are The Best Thing Ever

#1. This dog knows how to wound your soul.

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#2. This dog who ate the couch and nearly got away with it.

this is my fav pic of my sister’s dog after he ate a couch. thanks

— bean toad (@beehivesy) January 26, 2016

#3. This dog who doesn’t like groom time.


#4. This dog who knows how to relax.

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#5. This naughty boy.


#6. This dog who’s in denial.


#7. This little guy adorably caught in the rain.


#8. This hard-working fella.

so my dad works from home, and my dog always “goes to work” with him, and this just happened

— Madison Reeg (@MadisonReeg) July 18, 2016

#9. This thoughtful puppy pal who doesn’t want you to be sad.

when I’m sad my dog goes outside and tries to bring me things. today she brought me a pine cone 😭

— Melanie Wang (@MelanieWang2) April 11, 2016

#10. This guy who wants you to know he’s really, really sorry.


#11. This dog who’s helping a mate get comfortable.


#12. This living, furry bath bomb.


#13. This dapper chap who ate too many snacks.


#14. These guys who just realized they’re on a walk?!!!!???!!!


#15. This little pup who likes it in the bag and isn’t coming out.

I put my dog in a bag and she won’t get out

— danger noodle (@kittykhajiit) July 26, 2014

#16. This shower hijacker.

So I start my shower & I get clothes so I can put them on when I get out, I go to get in the shower & I see this😂😭😂

— kenzz (@kenziemoody) December 23, 2014

#17. This determined pooch who doesn’t understand why you’re not really impressed.

There’s good and bad news.

The good news is that I found the ball…

— Michael Clarke (@Mr_Mike_Clarke) January 25, 2015

#18. This crowd pleasing attention-seeker.

This dog is walking herself up and down the train so everyone can stroke her 😿😿🐶🐶🐶

— Talia Phillips (@taliaphillips2) July 22, 2016

#19. This dog who laid down for a nap in the best spot.


#20. This dog who can’t help being a little too trusting.


#21. And this Snapchat from a dog who loves you and wanted to show the world.



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