This Is What Happens When You Vacuum A Harmonica (Hint: It’s Glorious)

No, it’s not a euphimism.

People on Twitter are sharing this video of someone in Japan vacuuming a harmonica.


— 雪夜狐みゃあ@チェロメタさん (@CelloMetalgirl) June 25, 2016

The resulting sound is something like, “TADAAAAA!” and it is GLORIOUS.

Since its conception (aka whispered into the ears of its creator by an archangel with a harp), many copycats have popped up.


— uıʞɟɐunsʇ (@tsunafkin) June 26, 2016

It’s one of those things that you didn’t even know you needed to live a truly meaningful life. Like spray-on nail polish, or triple-stuffed Oreos.


— 慧ってかいてさとし (@satoshi_1105) June 26, 2016

Seriously, how many harmonicas does an average Japanese household have?


— と み お か (@tomyyy08) June 18, 2016

Twitter is blowing up from all this VacuMonica (it’s their new couple nickname) madness.

Its beauty transcends generations.
twitter: @SucreSpectre

vacumonica 3
twitter: @StaceyConnolly_

vacumonica 2
twitter: @inertcatnip

I mean, how could we have lived without it for so long?

twitter: @genderdeer

It’s even inspired a change in one woman’s wedding plans.

Everyone could finally agree on one thing: Harmonica vacuum was good.
twitter: @izzimitchello

So the next time you happen to have a vacuum and spare harmonica lying around, you know what to do.

vacumonica 1
twitter: @teezans


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