Candid Photos Reveal The Real Mess Behind Those Perfect Instagram Food Photos

Trying to get the perfect Instagram photo is no easy task. If you remember a while back, there was a photo series on how people “lie” on their Instagram posts.

This time, it’s about the truth behind the ‘perfect family’ perception.


As part of a new creative campaign, British designer and retailer Wrens Kitchen teamed up with popular parent bloggers to show the truth that lies beneath those thousands of Instagram likes.

The campaign called, ‘A Kitchen Lived In: Perception vs Reality,’ shows how with the right angles and editing tools, a messy scene can easily become the perfect portrait.



“Parenting bloggers are particularly pressured to perceive themselves as the perfect parents with the perfect life and the perfect kitchen on their blogs,” Wren Kitchens explain. “We asked them to show us their true reality behind the ‘perfect family’ perception.”



If you’re struggling to get that Instagram-worthy shot, don’t panic. Remember that a little mess never hurt anybody.


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