28 Dogs Who Regretted Their Horrible Decisions

Dogs, apart from being amiable companions, are noted for their high intelligence and vast comprehension skills.

In some cases, however, just like humans, they make some dreadfully appalling choices that are in direct contradiction to their canine IQ, making us wonder, if just like humans, some pooches never learn.

Take a look at some of these pups’ awful decisions that have gotten them in various states of trouble:

#1. This dog who spent a night in the slammer.

1018 dog 1

Photo credit: LifeBuzz
#2 “…;but I thought bee stings could give me plumper lips like Restylane or collagen injections.”

1018 dog 2

Photo credit: Reddit
#3. This pup who thought he could go to the Halloween party as Buzz Lightyear.

1018 dog 3

Photo credit: LifeBuzz
#4. This dog who underestimated her Olympic high jump abilities.

1018 dog 4

Photo credit: Reddit
#5. This former “Fantastic 4” fan who realized he will never be as flexible as Reed Richards.

1018 dog 5

Photo credit: LifeBuzz
#6. This math genius who wanted to compute hexagonal dimensions up close and personal.

1018 dog 6

Photo credit: Reddit
#7. This pin cushion who thought having a porcupine BFF would be a lot of bristling fun. Not.

1018 dog 7

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