21 Hilarious Tweets That Only People With Super Strict Parents Will Understand

If you’re the kind of kid who had to be home before it got dark and had no TV privileges on school nights, please be assured by the fact that you were not alone. Strict-parents-itis was a pandemic that haunted most of us.


#growingupwithstrictparents wasting your teen years at home since they don’t let you go out

— jas (@jasminbruhh) July 3, 2016


#GrowingUpWithStrictParents Where you going? Where they live? What are their parents names? Send me a pic when you get there. Be home soon.

— Shelby Sandlin (@shelbs_morgs) July 3, 2016


“can i have their number
can i have their moms number
can i have their dads number
can i have the dogs number”

— tom riddle. (@donut_lover237) July 4, 2016


#GrowingUpWithStrictParents if you ever have a valid point in an argument then you’re automatically a disrespectful, ungrateful, child.

— ///samantha\ (@SamPearce147) June 30, 2016


Not until you’re 16
Not until you’re 18
*turns 18*
Not while you’re under our roof

— ❤️Kay.Ology (@kailaakouturee) July 4, 2016


#GrowingUpWithStrictParents my lying skills are so good it scares me

— abs (@abiiclarkee) July 4, 2016


#growingupwithstrictparents “give me your phone”
“Ok hold on ill go get it”
*walks slow and deletes everything on the way back*

— aya (@SUNRISELAURENS) July 4, 2016


*talks in normal tone*
mom: who you raising your voice at? I’m not one of ur friends#GrowingUpWithStrictParents

— Common White Girl (@girlposts) June 29, 2016


being careful not to breathe in the wrong tone bc if u do ur phone’s off u and ur yelled at for ‘talking back’

— cat (@veIvetangel) July 4, 2016


#Growingupwithstrictparents having anxiety to ask a simple yes or no question but you’re scared their answer is going to be “no” 🙃🙃🙃

— lin (@1indyt) June 28, 2016


#GrowingUpWithStrictParents there is no such thing as “last minute plans” you have to ask 3-4 business days before the actual event

— cristin (@tbhcarrie) June 28, 2016


#GrowingUpWithStrictParents telling your friends your parents said no without even asking cause you already know that the answers no😒

— Lam Morton (@lamarcusm_) July 2, 2016


“be home at 10”
“im not a kid anymore”
“ok be home at 9 since u wanna argue”
“u arent going anywhere”

— KD (@DroddyKhloe) June 28, 2016


#GrowingUpWithStrictParents when your whole family has an app to track where you are at all times

— Megan Pool (@MeganPool_9) July 1, 2016



attempting the hardest thing in life:
asking to go out with your friends two days in a row

— nikolai ☕️ (@watermelonniko_) June 28, 2016


#GrowingUpWithStrictParents having to figure out which friends names to use when saying who you’re hanging out with so they let you go

— brae (@braden_nichols) July 1, 2016


#growingupwithstrictparents hiding ur phone while they’re yelling at u so that they don’t see it and think of taking it away

— dead boyfriend (@unsmokabIe) June 29, 2016


#GrowingUpWithStrictParents “who’s gonna be there?” “are there gonna be parents?” “what time will you be home?” “what’s the address?”

— mads (@maddiecarlson13) June 28, 2016


#GrowingUpWithStrictParents at parent teacher conference:

Teacher: well he’s been misbehaving in class


— سامر / Samer (@WaladShami) June 30, 2016


“Yo lets chill”
“It’s 12 am”
“Just sneak out”

— ayyyyy boo (@aydenalexander) June 19, 2016


#growingupwithstrictparents #growingupthick when i try on bikinis / shorts and my mom look at me & says “turn around” “nope put em back”😭

— Bri Baby ! (@briannareneexx) June 30, 2016


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