20 Funny Parent Tweets That Sum Up Laundry Hell

#1. How about food-stained pajamas?

Hey baby it’s Friday night, why don’t you get into something more comfortable that you can wear all weekend because we have no laundry left.

— Tired Working Mom (@WorkingMom86) January 30, 2016

#2. Don’t forget the dishes and sandwich crusts!

My family crest is just a big pile of dirty laundry.

— Marlebean (@Marlebean) March 27, 2015

#3. That’s one way to mentally prepare yourself for laundry day.

Sometimes when I do laundry I pretend the detergent is gasoline to make self feel better & also to prep for the day I burn this mother down.

— Dad and Buried (@DadandBuried) June 29, 2016

#4. It’s nice to be confident.

a fun thing about being a parent is when people ask “where do you see yourself in 5 yrs?” you can confidently answer “folding laundry”

— Sweatpants Cher (@House_Feminist) April 18, 2016


Teens had laundry duty for the last 2 weeks… All our whites are greyish pink and I just removed a fucking alpaca from the lint trap.

— Rachel (@Rachelnoise) February 5, 2014

#6. You are alone in your task, wife.

*walks into room
*sees wife folding laundry
*checks to see if she’s seen me
*slowly, quietly backs out of room

— Robert Knop (@FatherWithTwins) January 17, 2016

#7. Worth a try!

I bought my son a clothes hamper & then we laughed & laughed & he continued to throw his clothes on the floor.

— Sarcastic Mommy (@sarcasticmommy4) January 4, 2016

#8. Fingers crossed there’ll be a PSA.

When the world is about to end, I hope we know about it in advance so I can stop doing laundry.

— Housewife of Hell (@HousewifeOfHell) October 10, 2013

#9. Aww, thanks.

The 3yo insisted on helping me put all the laundry away. It’s only taken us 6 hours & 10 minutes & apparently pants go in the fridge now.

— Jennifer Lizza (@outsmartedmommy) May 11, 2015

#10. Yep.

Laundry Day is my Birth Control.

— Kim Bongiorno (@LetMeStart) September 20, 2011

#11. How about no?

“Tumble dry low. Cool iron.”
Only one of these things is gonna happen. Let’s guess which.

— Annie Hatfield (@HatfieldAnne) January 17, 2016

#12. We’ve tried that, it’s still there.

5yo: Instead of putting my laundry away I’m just going to hate it.

— keith (@tchrquotes) June 4, 2014

#13. Remember these days?

40yo Me: “And sometimes you’ll get up at 6am on Sunday just to do laundry!”

16yo Me: “Whatever.”
*pops in New Kids cassette, sprays bangs

— Wendy S. (@maughammom) June 5, 2016

#14. This omen.

I did laundry this morning and didn’t drop a single thing on the ground during the washer-dryer transfer. This is going to be a good week.

— Steven Krueger (@stevenakrueger) July 18, 2016

#15. The first and final stage.

I like to do laundry in stages. For example, right now I’m in denial that I should be doing laundry.

— Abby Heugel (@AbbyHasIssues) July 17, 2016

#16. When you’re on your 10th load and your brain’s given  up.

Mistakenly used a laundry pod in the dishwasher. Now enjoying wrinkle-free plates.

— Camel Face Man (@CamelFaceMan) July 14, 2016

#17. At least they’ll look fabulous.

One day I’ll have a family and all of them will have pink crop tops because dad can’t figure out how to do laundry.

— Hunk Daddy (@Borgore) July 14, 2016

#18. Whoops, can’t do laundry today. Oh no. Oh well.

Holy hell, I just found a documentary about ping pong on Netflix. Sorry, laundry. You’ll have to wait.

— Corners (@AverageCorners) July 13, 2016

#19. Couch > laundry.

I wonder how many laundry detergent commercials deliver a false number of impressions bc people get up from couch to put clothes in dryer.

— Brittney Sheffield (@brittneysheff) July 12, 2016

#20. And then there’s this.

Me: Why don’t I ever have anything to wear
Me on laundry day: When did I buy 50 pairs of pajama pants

— RedRabbu (@Rabbuns) July 12, 2016


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