19 Hilarious Skills Every Introvert Will Relate To

It can be difficult for naturally introverted people to handle social situations – not because they’re awkward, but because they’d probably rather be in bed with their dog watching re-runs of The Office.

But, when they eventually have to leave the house to engage in conversation, they have some of the craftiest skills to get out of any situation that gets in the way of their own plans.

Don’t be surprised if your introvert friend has surpassed plans with you because they simply wanted to stay in and chill – even more so if you didn’t realise until now just how smart they were when they skilfully backed out without you kicking up a fuss.

If you’re an introvert yourself, take a look at these hilariously relatable posts that will apply to your life perfectly…;

1. The Up-Front Introvert Backing Out Of Plans:

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