Watch This Man Dump His Cheating Girlfriend In The Best Possible Way

Finding out your partner is cheating on you has got to be one of the worst feelings in the world and this man dealt with it in the best possible way.

Youtube user beanyneilpudsey discovered his girlfriend was cheating on him, on Halloween, after finding a string of flirtatious texts and saucy snaps on her phone that had been sent to another man.


However instead of instantly accusing his girlfriend of being unfaithful the calm and collected man decided to propose…;and get his revenge later on.

For three weeks he kept quiet about the affair and allowed his new fiance to gush over the upcoming wedding, book venues and even organise a party with friends- until November 19th when he conducted the best ‘prank’ known to man.

The video is quite lengthy but trust us it’s definitely worth the wait, see it here:

Beanyneilpudsey starts the video off with a short history of the couples relationship and opens by saying: ” So ladies and gentlemen as you know me and Alex have announced our engagement etc etc the other week…;and what she doesn’t know is that I’ve found out she’s been having an affair with a guy called Thomas Rue.”

He then reveals that he has written four letters to his unfaithful chick, ‘organised’ a trip and brought her ring as well as transforming their house into a romantic location through the use of candles, love songs and rose petals.

He then leads his girlfriend through the house before telling her to read the letter penned ‘Number 1’, which she does and can be seen occasionally wiping her face.


However it turns out the fourth hand written letter is where the heartbroken man reveals he knows all, as the heart shaped pink paper reads:

“When owls fly and tweet tweet twoo, this is the big question I’m asking you, ” to which the girl looks at the camera expecting to be confronted by a marriage proposal.

However she is greeted with: “This is the big question i’m asking you– WHO THE FUCK IS THOMAS RUE?”

The man then proceeds to leave the house and post his key back through the letter box and state to the camera: “that is how you dump somebody. Busted!”

Since being uploaded on to Facebook late last week it has been viewed over 5 million times and surely we can’t be the only ones that wished he’d left the camera rolling.


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