These Outrageous Creme Egg Creations Are All You Need This Easter

The Creme Egg is the fondant-stuffed chocolate staple of Easter, but foodies everywhere are going all out this year with ridiculously decadent and delicious Creme Egg creations.

There’s delicate Creme Egg-flavor macarons.

Or how about a meringue stuffed with gooey chocolatey eggy goodness?

Say goodbye to your teeth, Creme Egg Rocky Road is here.

One gluten-free baker created this super-indulgent Creme Egg mousse cake.


This guy might’ve felt a bit queasy afterwards, but Creme Egg scotch eggs sound AMAZING.

Truly egg-squisite.

We are SO excited we finally get to try these out! #easter #happyeaster #goodfriday #cremeegg #scotchegg #cadbury #chocolate #cake #egg #yolk

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Creme Eggs wrapped in shortcrust pastry, baked and served warm? Er, yes please.

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We’ll take those pastries with Creme Egg ice cream.

Homemade Creme Egg Ice Cream. It is Easter after all.

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How about a Creme Egg Bakewell tart? It’s made with Nutella for extra delicious-ness.


This swanky London joint is offering mini Creme Egg burgers if you’re willing to spend £24.95 on total indulgence.

And this is the Creme Egg cronut, filled with fondant and drool-tastic.

Or for a savoury option, how about Creme Eggs on toast with, er, avocado?

Creme Egg brownies should be available all year round.

And for a grown up twist on the Easter egg hunt, how about these Creme Egg cocktails?

And finally you can wash everything down with this monstrous Creme Egg “freakshake”.

Best Breakfast Ever! #cronut #easter #foodporn

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It puts our mashed-up cornflake Easter nests to shame.


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