15 Times Parents Were Stumped by Technology

When were very young, our parents are like Gods. They are big and strong and have the ability to drive those big things that are loud and sometimes go really fast. When we get a little older, we are amazed at how brilliant they are. They know how to spell all kinds of words, can use the stove, help with math problems, make change and write checks… their intelligence seems to have no bounds. When were teens we start to see that maybe our parents dont exactly know everything, and by the time were in our 20s we are convinced that in some ways, that are totally helpless, like these 15 parents who were completely stumped by technology.



I love how she calls it The Google. No doubt this mom also calls weed The marijuana and maybe also says things like, I was watching that program you like last night on The HBO and I dont know why you like it so much. She also probably thinks her kid suggests searches and decides on which ads Google shows her.

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