Cheating Girlfriend Snaps Suggestive Selfie With Her Boyfriend’s Brother. It Backfired Later!

Plot twists: how will we ever be able to enjoy our movies without them? Everybody loves a good plot twist, especially if it’s really clever and executed perfectly well. It takes the viewing experience to the next level and makes the story much more enjoyable. It can add humor or drama to a situation, or finally complete a missing piece of a puzzle on a narrative.

Well, actually, such twists do not only happen in movies. Sometimes they can take place in real life as well, such as in the story below wherein a sudden discovery led involved parties into a surprising turn of events.

This boyfriend unexpectedly received this revealing photo from his cheating girlfriend via Snapchat.


Oddly, he was cool about seeing his girlfriend and younger brother sharing an intimate moment together. He even gave it a thumbs-up.

She, on the other hand, proudly laughed about it.


Yes, this girl even had the gall to laugh about fooling around with someone really close to him.

Finally, the boyfriend fires back with a shocking revelation:


We have a feeling she definitely did not see that coming.

This boyfriend gets the last laugh – which he truly deserves. It’s funny when things backfire to someone who thought she already won. Sometimes revenge is best served while it’s fresh.

May this serve as a lesson or warning to anyone out there thinking of cheating!

H/T: Unilad

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