15 Historical Photos You Wont Find In Your History Books

If you took history in school, and of course you did because no one gives you a choice of what you want to learn (still havent used Trig), then chances are youve seen the exact same photos as the rest of us. The atomic bomb dropping, Hitler speaking at a podium, Truman sitting at his desk, V-Day, Nixon making the double peace sign to name a few. But think about how much history there actually is and how little of it weve been told about or seen… plenty! Here are 15 historical photos you wont find in your history books.



Here we see a womens prohibition group standing up for their belief that consuming alcohol is basically the work of the devil. Yes, which is why its so damn fun to do. We bet their male counterparts were psyched when they read these signs… not only can they keep on drinking, they dont have to get it on with their hag of a wife (their words, not ours).

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