17 Of The Most Epic Entries From The 2016 National Beard And Moustache Competition

If there’s one thing 2016 has taught us, it’s that beards are no longer just for lumberjacks who have no time to shave their wooly chin friend. Beards and mustaches can be fancy AF, and these guys who entered this year’s National Beard And Moustache Competition in Nashville, Tennessee, are definitely the fanciest of the flock.

#1. This feathery fascination was the clear winner.

#2. Although this spiky arrangement is super impressive, if a bit dangerous (we wouldn’t stand next to him with a balloon).

#3. Move over, Jack Sparrow.

#4. And Tim Burton.

#5. This guy went for the simple, understated look.

#6. This man is planning to offer rental apartments for birds after the competition.

#7. This shiny silver look is SO on trend right now.

#8. This hipster has so many textures on his face and we want to touch them all.

#9. This baseball fan is showcasing the classic way to style mutton chops.

#10. This waiter-esque competitor can actually balance dinner plates on his mustache (probably).

#11. This proud dad was disappointed by his son’s efforts, but at least he had a great t-shirt.

#12. This hirsute chap spent months growing and nurturing his beard — and practising his smoulder.

#13. This guy didn’t even style his beard — he just stood over an air vent and let nature do its work.

#14. Who needs a motorbike when you have handlebars this impressive?

#15. This daring look goes beyond the boundaries of facial hair to pay homage to Salvador Dali.

#16. This guy is channeling John Lennon after he got stuck in his nan’s curlers.

#17. And this guy is hoping to become a human version of Don’t Buzz The Wire.

Check out more of photographer Greg Anderson’s beard-tastic work here.






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