What Is Love? 15 Times Disney Lied To Us

We were all kids once which means that we all used to watch Disneys cartoons. It seems like Disney taught us first what true love means, or how a pretty girl looks like, even before our parents got a chance to have an influence on us. But whats even more fascinating is how we never thought if those stories were true, even though they were mostly all fairy tales. We took them for granted at first, but now its time to wonder: Was Disney lying to us all the time? And if so, what were his biggest lies?

Source: www.playbuzz.com

Source: www.playbuzz.com

1. Eating in an alley is cute. No it isnt! We are not saying that money is everything, but why would someone want to eat in an alley? Firstly, it is very unhygienic. And secondly, Tramp could have cooked her something himself! She is someone he fell in love with, so why doesnt he try a little bit harder? This is one of the most famous scenes in Lady and the Tramp but we do not approve. Ladies, do not eat your dinner in an alley, it is not safe.

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