This Is The Incredible Moment A Fish Gets Trapped INSIDE A Jellyfish

This is the bizarre moment Australian photographer Tim Samuel saw a fish trapped inside a jellyfish.

Tim Samuel

The picture was taken while Tim was free diving in Byron Bay, off the east coast of Australia, with a friend, and it’s baffling experts who have no idea how the fish managed to get in there.

Because the fish’s tail was sticking outside the back of the jelly, it still managed to control the movements of the unlucky jellyfish and swim where it wanted. Well, sort of.

Tim Samuel

Over the 20 minutes that Tim watched the odd couple in amazement, the fish/jellyfish wobbled and swam in circles. The fish knocked the jelly off balance and pushed it from side to side in the water. At some points, the duo just stopped moving completely.

Unsurprisingly, Tim said that during his five years as a marine photographer he’s never seen anything quite like it.

Tim Samuel

And in case you’re wondering, although he did think about releasing the poor fish from its predicament, he decided to let nature run its course and left the pair alone.

Check out Tim’s Instagram for more insanely awesome shots.


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