$15,000 Lego Sculpture Destroyed By Child At EXPO

Lego is a sensational part of our lives due to it sparking the creativity of our childhoods. Even when we grow up, we all love it…; unless you stand on a piece bare-footed.

When we were kids we loved building things out of bits and pieces, but we also had a love for destroying our creations too and then rebuilding it.

Lego sculpture artist Zhao spent 3 full days building an incredible sculpture of Nick, the fox from Disney’s Zootopia, for the Lego EXPO in Ningbo, China.

A talented piece of work, wouldn’t you say? This was all great and dandy before a child happened to completely destroy the sculpture no longer than an hour after the EXPO was opened up to the public.

Let’s see how much you gasp…;

This is the worse act of destruction a person of outstanding creative abilities could ever be a victim of, looking at it makes us cringe!

The nice thing about this was Zhao didn’t want any compensation for the figurine, despite uploading the picture of the aftermath on his weibo account expressing his sadness.

The child’s parents were very apologetic about the incident, but surely sorry isn’t enough for this, right? At least buy the guy a drink to drown his sorrows…;


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