15 Road Construction Fails

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We drive everywhere. To school or work or dinner… wherever you may go. But, every now and then we come across something that makes us do a double take. Or if its really crazy, turn around to get another look at it. Am I losing my mind or was that a tree in the middle of the road? Nope definitely not losing my mind. Theres a tree in the road. Is this weird for anyone else or am I missing something? I definitely get that construction can be a tough lifestyle and there will be error, but a tree in the road isnt just wrong, its a 10 on the scale of completely failing. Heres 15 Construction Fails.


Hey Boss. We got a problem. See that pole that you told us to get really close to but dont touch it? Yeah, well we touched it a little and I was thinking we should move it. You dont think we should move it? Okay, just put a little paint around the base and people will know to drive around it. That sounds perfect and I agree, its really not that big of a deal.


Johnny, you are a dead man! How could you drive on the wet cement when, you heard the Boss say not to drive on the cement for another two hours and now look at us stuck in the cement and gonna have to call the Boss and tell him what? Yeah, Boss we heard you give specific instructions on waiting. Smarts over here decided that he knew more about drying cement than you do. Thanks.


Yeah Im totally paying attention to the line. So, Im back binge watching Walking Dead from season 1, right? Im finally on season 3 and Im like what just happened to yeah, Im paying attention. I can definitely multitask while we do these lines. Frank, I swear you better not ruin it for me with any dam spoilers. Shut up! La, la, la I cant hear you. What happened to Beth? Oops.


When you first take a look at the picture, its like this is easy the lines dont match up, duh! How many constructions workers does it take to make the lines match? I dont know either, but theres always at like 4 or more people working when theres a construction sign out. Sweet mother! Did they just stop at the county line and refuse to do the other half cause they dont pay them? #Fail


No matter how long you stare at the letters, they will not magically flip around and spell the correct word. Kids, this is a perfect reason to stay in school. Do your homework. Listen to your parents. Trade snacks at lunch. Know your math flashcards. And the most of all spell the word school correctly when you are painting the word in huge white letters… in a school zone. #SuperFail


This is funny. So, the small picture down on the left, looks like this pole was literally in the middle of the street. They made sure to put a reflector on the pole, so that people would avoid hitting it. Lets look at the larger main picture. They totally went to move the road to get the pole out the middle of it and failed just as bad as before. Looking forward to the sequel of, Why the Pole Wont Leave The Road. #DoubleFail


Sometimes you cant help but take a picture next to things that make you go, hmmm. Now, as this guy here found out (and possibly the hard way), turning right is just not going to happen right there. By all means, turn directly into the curb, right after you pass go and collect $200. Please turn right if you want your right front tire to fall off or you have an interest in losing your license. #RightTurnFail

Hello, Officer Glasterman. Uhh my truck is stuck under the bridge. Yeah its not kind of truck- yep, its a dump truck and I wouldnt believe it if I wasnt lookin right at it sir. No, no theres no low bridge sign or height requirements. Yeah, Im sure there werent any signs or else I would not be stuck under the stupid bridge. Wait a minute, you sayin this is my fault?


Good morning, Your Honor. On the morning of March 5, 2014, I was on my way to the Dollar General. This parking lot is always so packed that I just focus on doing the speed limit and follow the yellow arrows. After I turned the corner this teen girl cut me off and drove off. I was flustered, but followed the arrow and drove into the pole. So, I am suing the parking lot for…


So, what this picture says to me, is that the guy that is paving this new surface on the road and the lady that looks like shes pushing a stroller are totally okay with this pole, being right there? Seriously, starting to think there may be some job cuts happening in city planning departments and with construction companies or they have allowed kindergarteners to design streets and coming soon… Kindergarten Dream Houses! #LadyWithStrollerFail #StreetPaverFail


Seriously? Come on, now look at how much space they have cleared on both sides of the pole. Nobody in the construction meeting raised their hand and thought about putting one lane on each side of the pole? How many people said ok to this plan right here? #SMH Because it looks like they are about to put some flashers on the pole and call it a job done. #GoodJobTeam


Believe it or not, there are still people who take caution to the orange construction signs. It would be fun to sit by this sign and watch how many people slow down and start looking around. I could see a little old couple in the car stopped looking both ways making sure they dont hit the invisible people working. Or teenagers learning to drive with their highly stressed parents and the argument they would have about not paying attention to signs. #Gotcha


Welcome to the first town meeting of Hoosiertucky Buckeye Nation. After a successful departure from Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana we are proud of who we have our own union. And the first thing were going to do is change all the speed limit signs. My wife, thinks we should change the speed to 15 and 34s miles per hour so that we wont harm any of our animals as they have the right of way. All in favor, say I!


Dear Employees,

We are proud to announce that we taken proper security protocol to ensure the safety of our employees. At the South East entrance, we had the construction company come in and install a security gate on such short notice. Please know that we heard your demands for a more secure parking area and we have answered. Thank you for all of your hard work. You are appreciated.




Im sorry, but say what? Im not sure which sign should be reading first. From the top, This isnt a through street no problem. But, stay on this street for the emergency evacuation route to get us out of here. Ok, that didnt work. From the bottom theres an emergency, lets follow the evacuation route. But, this is not a through street. Dear City Planner, please get your city right. #Thx


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