Tesco Disaster Delivery Sent 24-Piece Dinner Set In 48 Separate Boxes

When a woman ordered her new Tesco 24-piece dinner set, she couldn’t have predicted what was going to happen next.

Unbeknown to her, it was on its way to her in 48 separate boxes.

Joanne and her husband Billy Murphy were left with a mountain of cardboard in their living room after the superstore delivered their order in such a bizarre manner.

The couple said they were left extremely confused after they discovered every plate, bowl and mug they had ordered had been packed into its own individual boxes and then placed within a second bigger box.


The pile of cardboard took up so much space that the family could no longer see their living room floor once they had unwrapped all the items.

To make matters worse, despite all of the excessive packaging, four bowls and a mug still turned up smashed.

She rang Tesco to complain but the store initially only wanted to deal with the broken items.

The full-time mother, who lives in Ashton-under-Lyne in Greater Manchester, said she had concerns about the environment impact of the cardboard overload, but could also see the funny side.


Tesco, which used delivery firm Yodel to distribute Mrs Murphy’s order, said the amount of packaging was a blunder and they have since apologised and collected all of the mess.

They also put Joanne’s mind to rest by promising to recycle the boxes.

This is by far the best disaster delivery story we have heard in a long time. You have out done yourself Tesco.



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