Forget The Man Bun, Hipsters This Summer Are Going Crazy For The Man Braid

Finally it seems the man bun trend is over (or at least it’s getting an update) as trendy Instagrammers are all over the latest hair craze — the man braid.

Feeling BLUE 💧☂💦 come visit the braid bar @insalonyaletown @vanbraidbar

A photo posted by 🍬Barbie🍬 (@barbiealeks) on

Combining cornrows and an optional man bun or ponytail, it’s the hairdo of choice for hipsters this summer.

Mostly we’re just impressed with these guys’ incredible braiding skills.

Thu ngắn cán trán lại để tui bớt ghét những cái nón đi 😏 #manbraid

A photo posted by Đỗ Hoàng Quốc Khánh (@khasnhdoo) on

We 100% could not do this on our own hair.

But we have to admit, this is a trend we can get behind.

“Saints” #btcbigshot_men16 Hair by @danielle.keasling photography by @krisztianlonyai #menshair #manbraid #manbun

A photo posted by Danielle Keasling (@danielle.keasling) on

Even when combined with a pop of color, it’s nowhere near as horrifying as the glitter beards fiasco of last year.

#mermaidsquad #manbraid

A photo posted by Kristi Peticolas (@krizti_kat) on

It’s basically just mini-cornrows, and who doesn’t love those?

We can’t put our finger on why exactly, but we’re really enjoying this Instagram/follicle movement.

Another show another man braid #manbraid #manbraids #willywagtail

A photo posted by Willy Wagtail (@wagtailcircus) on

Combine your man braid with shaved sides for that totally cutting-edge hipster look.

Had some fun with my hair last night 😂 @manbunmonday braids by @camcuum 💁🏼#ManBunMonday #ManBraid

A photo posted by Walter Derrig (@wa11y_d) on

Oh, and sit in a coffee shop reading Dorian Gray to achieve true hipster status. You should probably mention The Smiths, too.

If you’re going all out, why not add some floral adornments to your pretty plait?

In case you were wondering what the trend after man buns was… 🌺 #manbraid #withaflower

A photo posted by Alex van der Hoek (@alexvanderhoek) on

Er, okay, we take that back.

✨🌿Monday Morning Man Braids🌿✨ #Bethefair #freeyourhairbraid #oregoncountryfair @totallyblownusa ❤️ Cody!

A photo posted by 🔹🌿✂️Roxie Jane Hunt✂️🌿🔹 (@howtohairgirl) on

Foliage no, man braids yes.


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