17 Marriage Proposals So Creative You’d Have to Say “Yes” To Them

A marriage proposal is serious business — but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done with creativity and fun. A unique marriage proposal can help give a couple a lifelong memory and a really great story to tell the kids (and grandkids!). Take a look at these creative proposals. Which is your favorite?

#1. Go to love. Do not stop.

Monopoly Board Proposal

Click through the images above to see how this Monopoly proposal board was made and check out the full story here.

#2. Give this teacher extra credit for getting his entire class to propose for him.

Check out the full, adorable story here.

#3. She flipped for this cute customized flipbook proposal.


#4. It’s brave enough to propose just once — but this guy did it 365 times.

Check out the full story of this romantic proposal here.

#5. This guy hid marriage proposals in 148 photos with his girlfriend over 5 months.


Check out all the hilarious photos here.

#6. This guy made a professional music video for his fifth grade sweetheart. N’awwww.

Not only is this is mega impressive, it’s also super adorable. Check out the full story here.

#7. Love is in the stars when man lets his telescope pop the question. We love this original proposal! 🌠


#8. Sprinting toward love: this runner proposed via a GPS map.

marriage proposal

#9. It’s raining romance with this umbrella proposal.


#10. Mario finds his princess with this Nintendo proposal.


#11. A bubbly proposal that made Eloise feel all warm and fizzy inside.


#12. This sweet, hard-working farm boy who after finally meeting the girl of his dreams, pulled off a rather impressive proposal.


#13. This guy who fell head over heels for her — literally.

#14. A proposal with a porpoise (ok, technically a dolphin — but it’s hard to think of a good dolphin pun).


#15. Jane Austen would be proud of this proposal.


#16. I choose you! A Pokemon proposal.


#17. A fresh twist on Cards Against Humanity.



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